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Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 review

Pros  Vastly improved management, Top value, Xeon Scalable CPUs, Highly expandable, Embedded NVMe ports Cons  Fewer storage options than HPE’s DL380 Gen10 Verdict …

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Choosing the Right Server for Your Business

November 4, 2015

Small Business Servers

There are multiple kinds of servers to choose from. Therefore it is important to ask yourself a few questions before even beginning to consider purchasing a product. You want to know what exactly you will be using your server for among other things.…

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More capacity, less margin

IBM is selling more and more mainframe capacity but at lower cost/margin. Sales of Power Systems and competing HP and Oracle/Sun platforms have…

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No downtime for VM migration, faster reboot are new capabilities Unix may have been shouldered aside by Windows as the main operating system…

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