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Business Intelligence Software

Do you have a Business Intelligence software renewal coming up, such as Cognos or Anaplan? Let us negotiate your renewal, you might be pleasantly surprised!

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As well as product delivery, at Coworth Technologies we can support you through installation, auditing, upgrading, AIX / Storage maintenance and third line support services.


Let Coworth Technologies handle your logistical requirements. From same day motorbike couriers to international cargo, we can take care of your needs. If you require a Data Centre emptying, or need a part urgently, we have many years experience in this field with trusted partners and good rates. Taking the stress and hassle out of your logistics can leave you free to concentrate on the job at hand. Ask one of the team for details.

Technical Support

If you’re looking for integrated support services as a maintenance company, Ad Hoc on-site support for ongoing problems, Ad-Hoc Telephone support for on-going problems, or a comprehensive set of engineering days and telephone support options, please contact one of our sales team for advice and a quotation.

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